How to Jailbreak with Checkra1n ?


Checkra1n is a first-ever platform where you can jailbreak your iOS device easily without any resistance. This jailbreak is semi-tethered, allowing users to install Cydia and break some security of iPhone and iPad running on ios 12.0 or later up to iOS 15.0, iOS 15.0 Beta and iOS 16.0. With this, you can also install the third-party app from Cydia, and you can use paid apps for free. checkrain also gives updates regularly. With this jailbreak, you will get rid of too many restrictions and permission implemented by apple and also, you can unlock carrier restriction with this. After that, most importantly, you can edit the Administrative file, which helps you unlock ios Devices’ activation lock.

What is Checkra1n?

Checkra1n is mac or Linux-based jailbreaking software used to dive deep inside ios Devices. It means removing all restrictions applied on iOS devices by apple. A group of cyberpunk develops Checkrain, and also you can gain access to third-party plugins that help the users customise their iOS user interface and make your device as you desire. Importantly checkra1n allows you to turn off carrier lock, unlock hidden features etc. In this latest technical era, its first-ever stabled jailbreaking software was designed by fabulous hackers and made history, and this makes the user much excited and allows them to go beyond limitations to do fun and explore more. Further, I will explain to you all processes so you can enjoy it!


Checkrain supports ios devices from iPhone 5s to iPhone X, iPad, Apple TV, and some iPods running on ios version from 12.0 to 14.8.1 ! Simultaneously, compatibility also depends on the ability processor as checkra1n supports processors from A7 to A11. Afterwards,   It doesn’t supports some latest models with the latest bionic chips, but no doubt in future, checkra1n will make this possible.

Note:- This process doesn’t work on passcode devices on ios version 13.0.1 and above. Please do remove your passcode first if your ios version is 13.0.1 and above. If you don’t know the passcode, in this case, you have to remove USB restrictions; this is only possible with paid tools like mina USB patcher.

Installation instructions

For mac users!

Step 1. Download the checkra1n.dmg file from the official website. Please do not download it from any unofficial platform.

checkra1n jailbreak

Step 2. Then, Double click on the downloaded DMG file to run the installer package.

checkra1n jailbreak

Step 3. After that, Drag and drop the checkra1n software into the application folder.

checkra1n jailbreak

Now you’re ready to use the checkrain software; double click on it to open; by the way, you will find it in Mac’s application folder or search it on finder.


 Before moving to the Jailbreak process 

Caution⚠️:- We are not responsible if anything happens to your ios device.

  • Take a Backup of your iPhone with iTunes or in iCloud storage.


  • Laptop, Macbook,iMac or pc (Laptop or pc with Linux operating system if you have windows os you have to use checkra1n iso file created by 3rd party application.
  • Original or good quality USB cable.

How to jailbreak with checkra1n.

Step 1. After download and installation of checkrain, which is guided above. Open the checkra1n app by double click on it. If you are familiar with macOS, you can easily find the checkra1n app. But if you are not, you can find it by searching on finder.


Step 2. Just connect iPhone,iPad or iPod via USB cable. Moving on to the iPhone screen, you see a prompt to trust this device. Just click on trust.

Step 3. Checkra1n will recognize your iPhone, or if your iPhone is not acknowledged by the tool in this situation, there are two problems. First, maybe your USB cable is not working ( change your USB cable). Second, conceivably your USB port is defective ( switch to another USB port).

Below step is most important kindly follow carefully

Step 4. Before tapping on start. Click on “Options,” and you will see the following options on the screen.

  • Allow untested ios/ipadOS/tvOS versions( need to check this option if your ios device is running on ios above 14.0)
  • Safe mode( no need to check this)
  • Verbose boot (check it if you want to visualize portrayal of the entire process)
  • Skip A11 BPR check ( This option is applicable if you have to jailbreak iPhone 8,8plus and iPhone X running on ios 14.0 and above)
  • Dark Blockchain (enabled by default no need to change)


Step 5. Move back, then click on start.

Step 6. After that, you will get encountered with guidance to enter recovery mode, and if you are ready, Hit the next Button to enter your iPhone in recovery mode.

Step 7. In this Step, After clicking on the start button, you quickly need to put your device in DFU Mode. If you do not know how to Enter your iPhone in DFU mode, Don’t worry; you will get instructions by the checkra1n app to enter it in DFU mode.

After following all Steps given in this context, you will see “All Done” at the end. Congratulations, This means that your device is successfully Jailbreaked.But this is not the last Step because you have to install Cydia with the checkra1n loader application installed in your iPhone with this whole process; you will find this app on the Home screen.

After Jailbreaking, Cydia Installation!

  1. Open Checkra1n Loader.
  2. Click on the Cydia icon, the only option visible to you.
  3. Further, Tap on install.

Now you’re fully Jailbreaked, and now you can use Cydia to install any tweak, paid application and many more things from Cydia.

Pros and Cons of Checkra1n

Benefits of using Checkra1n to jailbreak

  • Access to more apps and modifications: By jailbreaking with Checkra1n, users have greater freedom and control over their smartphone by gaining access to additional programmes and customizations that are not offered in the App Store.
  • Installing modifications and themes is possible thanks to jailbreaking, which gives users more control over how their devices look and function while also allowing them to more closely customise and adapt them to their specific requirements.
  • More control over the device: Jailbreaking allows users more power over the settings and security aspects of the device, allowing them to tailor it to their requirements and tastes.

Drawbacks of using Checkra1n to jailbreak

  • Possible security hazards: As jailbreaking eliminates some of Apple’s security protections, it could expose the device to security dangers like virus or hacker attempts.
  • Potential instabilities or slowdowns: Jailbreaking can occasionally result in instabilities or slowdowns, particularly if users install unsupported or unstable customizations.
  • Jailbreaking has the potential to violate the iPhone’s warranty and bar users from receiving support or repairs from Apple. Nevertheless, the jailbreak may be undone by returning the device to its original condition, which will reinstate the warranty.

Checkra1n Windows

Checkra1n Windows: It’s not that easy to run checkrain jailbreak on iOS using windows as it is not officially launched by developers, But some experts make it possible to run checkra1n jailbreak windows using different methods. For instance:-

  1. Checkra1n ISO method
  2. 3utools Method
  3. Linux Ubuntu desktop live method

These three above methods are very popular all across the internet and if you are windows user and you want to use these methods you can visit my post by clicking on button given below.

How to use checkra1n on windows ?

Checkra1n Linux

It’s very simple to run checkra jailbreak on iOS device using Linux operating system as it is officially announced by developers and there two methods to use checkrain jailbreak Linux using two methods given below :-

  1. Using the Repo (Recommended method)
  2. Using the binary file

If you want to try these method on your Linux operating system. Click on below link.

checkra1n Linux ?

Checkra1n VS Other Jail-breaking Tools

Checkrain vs. Unc0ver

Unc0ver is a semi-tethered jailbreak tool developed by Pwn20wnd. It supports all devices running iOS 11.0-14.3, including the latest A12-A14 devices.

Comparing the compatibility of Checkra1n and Unc0ver: Checkra1n supports older devices running iOS 12.0-14.8, as well as some newer devices running iOS 14.0-14.8. In comparison, Unc0ver supports all devices running iOS 11.0-14.3, including newer devices.

Comparing the ease of use of Checkra1n and Unc0ver: Checkra1n requires a computer to run, while Unc0ver can be installed directly on the device without the need for a computer.

Comparing the stability of Checkra1n and Unc0ver: Checkra1n is known for its stability due to the hardware-based exploit it uses. However, Unc0ver has been known to have some stability issues in the past.

Personal recommendation for Checkra1n vs. Unc0ver Overall, Checkra1n is more stable, but Unc0ver is easier to use and supports more devices.

Checkra1n vs. Chimera

Chimera is a semi-untethered jailbreak tool developed by the Electra team. It supports devices running iOS 12.0-12.5.1, including A12-A13 devices.

Comparing the compatibility of Checkra1n and Chimera: Checkra1n supports older devices running iOS 12.0-14.8, as well as some newer devices running iOS 14.0-14.8. Chimera only supports devices running iOS 12.0-12.5.1.

Comparing the ease of use of Checkra1n and Chimera: Checkra1n requires a computer to run, while Chimera can be installed directly on the device without the need for a computer.

Comparing the stability of Checkra1n and Chimera: Checkra1n is more stable due to the hardware-based exploit it uses. Chimera has been known to have some stability issues in the past.

Personal recommendation for Checkra1n vs. Chimera Overall, Checkra1n is more stable and supports a wider range of devices.

Electra vs. Checkra1n

The jailbreak tool known as Electra was created by CoolStar. It works with A12-compatible devices running iOS 11.0-11.4.1.

Examining Checkra1n and Electra’s compatibility: Both older devices running iOS 12.0–14.8 and some more recent ones running iOS 14.0–14.8 are supported by Checkra1n. Electra only works with iOS 11.0–11.0 devices.

FAQ Checkra1n

Q1. What iOS does checkra1n work on ?

checkra1n jailbreak works on iOS 12.0 upto iOS 14.7 and  iOS 14.8.1, it doesn’t works on iOS 15.0 , iOS 15.0 Beta , or Later on.

Q2. Is jailbreak prohibited ?

Most nations, including the United States, do not consider jailbreaking itself to be a crime. That might, however, terminate the device’s warranty and be viewed as a breach of the end-user agreement. Also, jailbreaking might be prohibited in some nations, therefore it’s crucial to research local regulations before attempting to jailbreak a smartphone.

Q3. Can my device be unjailbroken ?

It is possible to unjailbreak a device and return it to its default settings by doing so using iTunes or the Finder. By doing this, you can get rid of all jailbreak-related files and changes from your device and reset it to factory defaults.

Q4. What type of jailbreak is checkra1n ?

A Highly qualified semi-tethered jailbreak based upon open source checkm8 bootrom exploit.

Q5. Can I jailbreak iPhone XR ?

No, it doesn’t work on iPhone XR because of its Apple A12 Bionic chip which doesn’t supported to this jailbreak.

Q6. Does checkrain work with M1 Macs ?

Yes, it supports or work with M1 Macs.

Q7. Can I jailbreak iOS 15.0 with checkra1n ?

No, checkra1n ios 15.0 not supported till now.

Q8. I jailbroke my gadget; can I upgrade it ?
It can be dangerous to update a jailbroken device because it could make it unstable or lose its jailbreak. When updating to a new version of iOS, it’s normally advised to unjailbreak the smartphone and return it to its default settings. Users can then try to re-jailbreak the smartphone using a compatible jailbreak tool when it has been updated.


The well-known iOS jailbreak tool Checkra1n enables users to install tweaks and themes, accessing more apps and customizations, and have more control over their device’s settings & security features. The majority of iOS devices with A5-A11 processors can make use of it and iOS 14.7 is supported.

  • My advice for or against utilising Checkra1n

I don’t have any preferences or personal opinions. Before choosing to utilise Checkra1n or any jailbreak programme to unlock their device, users should carefully weigh the potential advantages and risks.

  • Final thoughts on jailbreaking and its benefits and risks.

Jailbreak can provide users with greater flexibility and control over their devices, but it also comes with potential security risks, stability and performance issues, and the possibility of voiding the device’s warranty. Users should carefully weigh the potential benefits and risks before deciding whether to jailbreak their device and should only do so if they understand the potential consequences and are comfortable taking on those risks.

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