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Have trouble login into your router? There is no need to get worried. You can still get access to the admin page. How? Let’s see how we can solve that in a few steps.

It would not be wrong to say that the IP address of  is quite difficult to fathom. The IP address is not a strange concept, but it is not easy to fathom. IP Address
To access the admin panel type in the address bar of web browser or click on button below.

Login Admin

For people who own a router, it is likely that you have come across the terminology of internal configuration or router configuration. You must reset their default settings after you have successfully installed the router. However, you need to first log in to your router with its IP address to change any configurations.  

There are several router manufacturing brands in the market. And the routers come from with their default IP addresses. So now in this article, we discuss how to login into the IP address of  192.168.l.l . Then, you will get an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to get started with your router and log in to its admin panel.

What are the login steps of IP address


 Step 1:  Before beginning the login process make sure you have a stable internet connection

Most important of all, you should take a look at your router and check if it is functioning properly. If your internet is working fine, then so should your router. However, if the power button is turned off or blinks red, it is probably not functional. So, turn it on before you continue to work with the IP addresses. 

After checking out the router’s power you should recheck the internet or the wifi connection to proceed further. 

 Step 2:  Open your internet browser and input the IP address of and click the search button

There is not any specific internet browser that you need to find. Any browser that gets you online is fine. Whether you log in through Chrome, Yahoo or Safari, it’s up to you. 

All you need to do is put the IP address of in the search bar in your internet browser. Otherwise, you can also put in the URL of Make sure you are careful enough and input the write sequence otherwise there might be an error that you incur. 

Next, you must press Enter on your keypad. And instantly the browser will redirect the page to the central admin page of your IP address of . Well, you are halfway through. But you need to follow the steps diligently for fruitful results! 

 Step 3:  Put in the default username and password

The default username and password are quite easy to deal with. In most cases, both are just admin. So just type them in and you are good to go! However, the same might not be true for all the routers. If the default ‘admin’ does not work, you might refer to your manual. Most probably even your device has the default credentials on its rear end. 

Many people like to change the default settings for various reasons. The first and foremost is the fear of being stolen from. People worry that their neighbours might be onto their wifi and they change their default passwords for security purposes.

Default usernames and passwords for

cusadminyour wifi password

What are some problems and troubleshooting issues in the IP address


Sometimes logging into the IP address might not always be as easy as they appear to be. Most often than not people encounter troubleshooting issues while trying to login to the default IP address. 

  • You might be unable to get redirected to the admin page

Have you ever come across the  404 error page ? It happens quite often. Even after trying to get redirected to an admin page for a long time, you can keep failing to do so. The common questions would be whether your router is still functioning or has a stable internet connection. So primarily, if there are any such encounters please do check your internet connection or the router connection. 

However, if you still fail to go to the admin page, you might want to try a new internet browser. It is possible that the server might face some inconsistencies or other issues. So, keep trying out other browsers to get to your main admin page.  

One more typical issue that many people come across is that they put in the wrong IP address. Make sure you are out in the right sequence and the right numerals. At times people tend to get confused between ‘1’ and ‘l’. It is a ‘1’ or be careful to put in the right IP address in your search bar. Double-check before you hit the enter button on your keyboard. People misspelled IP address as 192.168.l.l examples shown below.

  • 192.168.l.1
  • 192.168.l.l
  • You might fail to login

It is quite common that you encounter this issue. Hence, it is important to ensure that you utilize the router devices from Linksys. And the default gateway employs a IP address as the usual gateway.

Perhaps the most well-known method for sorting out which private IP address your router device utilizes is to open the windows terminal.

  1. To get to the windows terminal, hit the search button. and type in the text “cmd” and press Enter.
  2. The Windows terminal can be termed as up. Next, you can type in “ ipconfig .”
  3. You should see what your standard entryway IP address is.

In the event that it actually is and you can’t sign in to this location. Then, at that point, you really want to reset the switch.

In order to reset the default settings of the router, there is an actual button on your router that says “reset.” The router manufactured by Linksys comes in the colour red code.  

Also, you must press and hold the reset button for around 10 seconds. While holding, ensure that the power signal is blinking. It shows that the router has been re-configured properly. 

To Wrap Up

Logging into an IP address is quite easy if you follow the given steps diligently. First, however, you must know where to find your IP address in order to punch them into the web browser. So it is very important that before you want to log in, make sure you have all the basic credentials with you. The username, password and of course the IP address itself!

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