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Not all of us are tech-savvy. But here’s the deal, admin login for routers do not require much technical skills. Just follow a few steps and you are good to go! So let’s get started.

What is the IP Address 192.168.01 ?

The IP address  is a default login for certain reserved routers and modems. Make sure you get the numerical of the IP address right. For example, it is  and not  192.168.o.1 . People often take the ‘0’ for ‘o.’ This IP address is usually used by manufacturers like TP-LINK, Netgear, Tenda and D-LINK.   It is one of the many standard IP addresses used by router manufacturing companies.

Relatively very few individuals know about their router’s IP address. It is because users do not always require the IP address. Except for the time when you need to set up or login to your router’s admin page. So after the professional is done with setting up your router you never really tend to think much about it. Be that as it may, here and there you need to change certain configurations. For example, the SSID, the WiFi password, username or the parental controls. Then, at that point, you must require the IP After signing into the router, you can see the route admin panel board where you can deal with the information traffic, see measurements and design the other settings.

The internet has become such an integrated part of our lives. It is something we practically depend on everyday. Whether it is about entertainment, work or shopping we depend on the internet. However, to do this, you could go to your Internet connection through the wifi, which is just available assuming you have a functional router that permits you to give you a stable connection, which is WAN in basic terms.

error of IP for 192 l.168.0.1

Correct IP ✅
Incorrect IP ❌
  • 192.168.o.1
  • 192168.0.l
  • 192 l.168.0.1

Default usernames and passwords for 192.168.o.1

There are some usernames and passwords which are come by default for decades for Http 192.168.o 0.1 admin password. But some folks get confused while searching router usernames and passwords for their Tenda router login.


What are certain requirements to login ?

The IP Address

The IP address that you put in should be correct because it is the default gateway. Without much of a stretch, you can track down it from the manual, the rundown list, or utilizing any online guide.

Stable internet connection

You should be associated with the remote network. And the router’s login page possibly works assuming you have a functioning web connection. should be connected to the wifi network when attempting to login and change configurations. whose router you are attempting to login and design.

Login details

You must have the administrator username and password  to sign in to the router. You can access them from the user manual or even the router’s rear side.

How to login in the IP address  

When you get access to the wireless router’s admin panel through its URL address, it is feasible to change the default settings of the router device. The steps to login are as follows-

  Step 1 You must enter the IP address into the internet browser’s search bar. Or the address bar as people often refer to it. However, if you incur an error there must be a problem. Then, at that point, your router’s IP address might not be after all. Take a look at your router or the user manual to check for the actual IP address. Once you find it, please put it in the search bar.

 Step 2 You should then be permitted into the login page of your router’s admin panel. This is where you enter your router’s username and password. In case you do not remember them you can refer to the user manual. It is likely to come with the router itself. It’s conceivable that you have never shown signs of changing the username and password, for this situation, you can visit any default usernames and password list online. IP Address
To access the admin page type in the address bar of web browser’s address bar or click on the button below



 Step 3 – After you login to the admin of your router, you must take a look at the admin panel. That is, you can adjust the entirety of your web and IP settings and make the most of its most developed factors and components. 

192 l.168.0.1 change password

192 l.168.0.1 change password: In this technological world, everyone has a WIFI connection at home and workplace as it is a basic necessity; after some time, everyone has to change their WIFI password to make wifi security stronger.

  1. Firstly, log in to the administration with the help of a wifi username and password; If you don’t know how to do that, follow the above-given steps.
  2. Secondly, Click on WLAN OR WIRELESS option.
  3. You will see some basic things like SSID, security type, and password. There you can change your password accordingly.
  4. At last, Tap on save changes.
  5. Now connect all your devices with the new Wifi password.

Change your Router’s IP Address

Most of the people thinks that it is impossible to change default IP Address to other; But, that is completely wrong. You can change IP Address like you change other settings and as we all know that to make changes we need to login admin panel of your router and if you don’t know how to login into router’s IP address, follow above given steps to login. After that, Browse the Setup option; then, click on Network Settings. Type the new IP address under it and click on save the settings.

What’s My IP Address

There are many different ways to know about your IP; Methods depends upon the gadget you’re using like in Windows PC:-

Step 1:- Run Command Prompt as an administrator.

Step 2:- Type ipconfig and hit enter.

Step 3:- You must be able to look for the IP Address; written in the front of default Gateways.

IP Address

FAQ Section

Q: When does the router page fail to load ?

Assuming you attempt to sign in to the router administrator board and find that the login page fails to load, it can occur in case of entering the wrong IP address.Hence, ensure that you sign in utilizing the right IP and the router’s wireless network details. you can try alternative IP Addresses like:- , and

Q: What are the login credentials of the router ?

The absolute way  to search for router login username and password is simply referring to the router’s manual. You can investigate any default router passwords listed online for all router brands if you have lost it. 

Q: How to make changes to the IP Address of the router ?

Administrators can change IP addresses utilizing private LAN settings. Explore fundamental LAN settings, and you will track down a choice to alter your router’s IP address. Note that doing this will likewise change your login IP address, and you should sign in to the new location sometime later.

Q: How to find a login IP Address ?

Some router producers have this data in the manual, and some don’t. You can in any case examine any online default router IP address list. If you still fail to recognise the one, you can call for professional help. 

Q: How to factory reset the router ?

The entire process of resetting a router is basic and simple! You can play out a router production line reset utilizing the reset button at the rear of the router. You should hold it for two or three seconds with a sharp-pointed object like a sim ejector instrument until the lights on the router begin flickering. When the reset cycle finishes, every one of the custom changes in settings will be returned, including the wireless SSID settings and router login data.

Q: How do I secure my WiFi Connection ?

To make WiFi connection more secure you have to take some measures; First and foremost step is to change your routers password frequently like one times a week. Secondly, disable WPS from your routers setting because WPS makes easier to hack Wifi connection without restrictions; thirdly, hide your SSID and apply the MAC filter then add your own MAC addresses into routers settings.

 To Wrap Up

Typically, the IP address is utilized by network administrators. Therefore, you should be acquainted with this IP address to set up a LAN.

To wrap up, this article tried to shed some light on the login processes of the IP address 192.168.01. was tied in with signing into the IP address. The login IP can differ with different router brands, which isn’t an issue as it doesn’t affect the router’s login procedures.

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