How to Install unc0ver Jailbreak on iOS ?

unc0ver Jailbreak, so outlying I have discussed many Jailbreaks in my articles, despite unc0ver being one of the most satisfactory Jailbreak tools utilized by millions of users. It permits users to go beyond the boundaries implied by apple. unc0ver developed in 2019 or development led by pwn20wnd, and he worked as lead developer. It works on the CVE-2021-30883 exploit made by patten-f; further,unc0ver jailbreak is a semi-tethered Jailbreak and allows users to Jailbreak iPhone,iPad, and iPods running on ios 11.0-14.8; also, after the December update, you can jailbreak A12 and A13 Bionic chip iDevices.Unfortunately, unc0ver jailbreak doesn’t work on ios 15.0 or above, but the team is working against a watch, and still, we can hope for an update this year for ios 15.0.

unc0ver Jailbreak Features.

  • Stable: unc0ver Jailbreak is the most steady Jailbreak for ios gadgets as unc0ver has no bugs and blunders. Moreover, you can easily install any tweak and application without crashes and errors.
  • Secure: You can easily trust unc0ver Jailbreak as it will not harm your confidential information and data kept in your iPhone; further, you can also use banking apps on an unc0ver jailbroken device; but, in other jailbreaks, you can’t use any private applications.
  • iPhone’s life span: unc0ver doesn’t harm your ios device’s life span as it uses less battery, and you cannot face any heating issues.
  • No bugs and errors: this is only achievable with extensive testing; It has made many improvements since its Launch.
  • Updates: unc0ver community updates their tool monthly to add unique features and enhance previous troubles.

unc0ver Jailbreak tool latest version.

version: v8.0.2

Released on December 30, 2021

What’s new:

  • Add exploit guidance to improve reliability on A12-A13 iPhones running on ios 14.6-14.8.
  • Fixed exploit reliability on iPhone XS devices running on ios 14.6-14.8.

Previous releases.

Version Release Date Download IPA

v8.0.1 December 12, 2021

v8.0.0 December 12, 2021

v7.0.2 October 31, 2021

v7.0.1 October 29, 2021

v7.0.0 October 22, 2021

v6.2.0 July 18, 2021

v6.1.2 April 08, 2021

v6.1.1 March 07, 2021

v6.1.0 March 05, 2021

v6.0.2 March 04, 2021

v6.0.1 March 02, 2021

v6.0.0 March 01, 2021

v5.3.1 July 24, 2020

For more previous versions, visit the unc0ver official website.

iOS Devices Compatible with unc0ver tool.

Presently, uncover supported iDevices listed below.


  • iPhone 12/ iPhone 12 Pro/ iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11/ iPhone 11 Pro/ iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone Xs/ iPhone Xs Max
  • iPhone SE (2020)
  • iPhone X/ iPhone Xr
  • iPhone 8/ iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6/ iPhone 6s/ iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 5s/ iPhone SE


  • 7-inch iPad Pro
  • iPad 7th Gen/ iPad 6th Gen/ iPad 5th Gen
  • iPad Mini 5 Generation
  • iPad Mini 4/ iPad Mini 3/ iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Air 3/ iPad Air 2/ iPad Air
  • 2nd-gen 12.9-inch iPad Pro/ 12.9-inch iPad Pro/ 1st-Gen 10.5-inch iPad Pro


  • iPod Touch
  • iPod Touch 6 Generation

iOS versions Compatible with unc0ver tool.

Presently, uncover supports following iOS versions.

  • iOS 14.8 – iOS 14.0
  • iOS 13.7 – iOS 13.0
  • iOS 12.5.1 – iOS 12.0
  • iOS 11.4.1 – iOS 11.0

Processor type Compatible with unc0ver tool.

Currently, unc0ver supports A7 to A14 processors inbuilt in iOS Devices. Moreover, the A15 bionic chip is not supported yet as apple implies a new security system that patched the unc0ver Jailbreak.

Methods to Download and install unc0ver Jailbreak.

  • Install unc0ver Jailbreak with Sideloadly.
  • Install unc0ver Jailbreak with Altstore.
  • Install unc0ver Jailbreak using IPA file with Altstore.
  • Install unc0ver Jailbreak with 3utools.

Install unc0ver Jailbreak with Sideloadly.

Step 1. To commence with, Download Sideloadly software from the official website; Sideloadly works both on Mac and Windows operating systems, then install it.

Step 2. Visit unc0ver Jailbreak official website and download the latest IPA file.

Step 3. Launch Sideloadly from the desktop.

Step 4. After that, connect your iPhone with pc via USB cable.

Step 5. Then, Drag and Drop the unc0ver IPA file in Sideloadly.

Step 6. Enter Apple ID; then, Tap on the start button.

Step 7. Now enter your apple id password when the popup comes; click on ok.

Step 8. The sideloading process begins, and once done, you will see an unc0ver application on your iPhone’s Home Screen.

Step 9. Now go to Settings>General>Profiles and Device management; Click on the profile named as your Apple ID and then, Tap on Trust.

Now your unc0ver Jailbreak application is installed on your iOS Device; you’re ready to jailbreak your iDevice.

Step 10. Launch the unc0ver app from Home Screen on your iPhone.

Step 11. After launching the application, click on the blue-colored jailbreak button.

Step 12: Once the jailbreaking process starts, wait for a few minutes; you will see Cydia on the home screen on your iPhone.

Congratulations! Now your Device is successfully Jailbroken, and you can download or install tweaks, modded applications, and other apps for customization.

Install unc0ver Jailbreak with Altstore.

Step 1. Firstly, install Altstore on your iPhone with Mac or Windows. Follow the link below if you don’t know how to install Altstore on your iPhone.

Step 2. Go to the unc0ver website in the Safari web browser on your iPhone.

Step 3. Click on the grey color “open in Altstore” button, then tap on open when the popup comes.

Step 4. Now the sideloading process begins.

Step 5. After the process finishes, you will get an unc0ver application under the My apps section in Altstore, and also you will see the unc0ver app on your home screen.

Note:- if you’re using Altstore the first time, you need to enter your Apple ID and password, which you used earlier while installing the Altstore application.

Step 6. Now, the unc0ver jailbreak application is ready to use and Jailbreak your iOS Device.

Step 7. To Jailbreak your iPhone with unc0ver, follow the above-given Step 10 – Step 12.

Install unc0ver Jailbreak with 3utools.

Step 1. Download and install 3utools on your windows computer.

Step 2. After installation, Launch 3utool and tap on the Toolbox.

Step 3. Click on Jailbreak placed at last under the More tools section.

Step 4. Now, the 3uTools Jailbreak section came up.

Step 5. Connect your iPhone with a computer via USB cable;3uTools Jailbreak will automatically detect your iDevice.

Step 6. Now select unc0ver Jailbreak with the latest version; Then Tap on start Jailbreak.

Step 7. Once the process finishes, move towards the iPhone screen.

Step 8. Now go to Settings>General>Profiles and Device management; Click on the profile named as your Apple ID and then, Tap on Trust.

Step 9. Once you complete all the above steps; then your unc0ver app is successfully installed on your iPhone.


It’s time to start the unc0ver Jailbreak process; to do so, follow the below steps.

Step 10. Open the unc0ver app from Home Screen on your iPhone.

Step 11. Then hit the blue-colored Jailbreak button to start the process.

Step 12. Once done, Cydia will automatically add to your iPhone’s Home Screen.

Install unc0ver with IPA file using Altstore.

Step 2. Download IPA file of unc0ver Jailbreak from the official website.

Step 3. Launch the Altstore app on your iPhone; Then, click on My apps.

Step 4. Afterward, click on (+) on the top left side and choose the earlier downloaded unc0ver IPA file from the list.

Step 5. Now, the unc0ver jailbreak IPA sideloading process starts.

Step 6. Once the process completes, the unc0ver app will automatically add to My Apps in Altstore; you will also find it on Home Screen on your iDevice.

Step 7. Now go to Settings>General>Profiles and Device management; Click on the profile named as your Apple ID and then, Tap on Trust.

Now your unc0ver Jailbreak application is installed on your iOS Device

Step 8. unc0ver Jailbreak: Follow step 10 – step 12 from the above method to Jailbreak with the unc0ver app.

Install unc0ver Jailbreak without computer/Pc.

There are a plethora of third-party stores to install unc0ver jailbreak without pc. But officially, you can only install unc0ver Jailbreak with the computer.

Third-party stores.

  • iOS Ninja
  • Appvalley
  • Silzee online method

Use these above-given 3rd party stores to install unc0ver jailbreak easily; these methods are not official; Still, these methods are suitable to use.

unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 15.0 to iOS 15.3.1

Currently, there is no single evidence of Jailbreak on iOS 15.0 and upper. Still, All hackers and Jailbreak communities are working on it to make it possible as soon as they can. Moreover, many scam websites on the internet say that Jailbreaking of iOS 15.0 is possible, which is not yet possible; At last, follow the official Twitter handlers of Jailbreak groups to get trustworthy information about Jailbreak.

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